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The Hounds of Harujin

Book 1 of The Mongolian Book of the Sky

A Novel


550,000 words


First, there was Attila, who savaged Rome and committed genocide from Asia Minor to Gaul. He was a Mongol, who wandered in from the east, and took up the sword for gold, girls and glory. Then came Genghis, the founder of the nation, who surged outwards from the steppe and wreaked annihilation across two continents. He was a Mongol, who made graveyards of China and the Middle East and left his seed in half the women of Eurasia. Then came Tamerlane, who swirled out of Samarkand like a whirlwind, leaving towers of human skulls and a tidal wave of blood enough to drown an army – and their horses. He was a Mongol, that butchered from India to the shores of Europe, and terrified the Middle East for a half millennium with his curse....


Then came Harujin, who, on the crest of an energy crisis and economic collapse, raised his scimitar like a standard, and charged his horses outwards from Mongolia to usher in the new world epoch....


In Australia, the khan’s nephew is assassinated by roadside phantoms. But the khan is more concerned with the chests of his concubines than with Australian dissidence or family outrage. The Mad Queen of Queensland is livid at the death of her son, tensions are mounting between the metropolitan heir apparent and the older, war hardened brother. In the desert, the khan’s reclusive daughter cultivates a reputation for murdering her husbands. A young woman is offered for the khan’s growing harem, but finds herself the tool of something much bigger. And as the feuding family tensions come to a head, the khan is forced to reach out to his estranged son, and bring him back from a Buddhist monastery to solve a murder....

Because THE HOUNDS OF HARUJIN came in at nearly 1,300 pages, I've had to break it into chunks to release. There are a total of 2 volumes. "The Complete Omnibus" is available only as an ebook.

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3,700 words
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28 minutes


The minor noble Chiledu has been assassinated​. In this excerpt, General Kaidu must trek out to a remote monastery in the desert, hoping to track down the khan's estranged son and former heir, Tamerlan, in the hopes of seeking justice for the killing.

Note: This is chapter 9 of the book, but there are no significant spoilers herein.

Music: "UK Or NY Drill Hard Arabic Solo Vocal" by SuperSouperBeatz

The Complete Omnibus
- 1,334 pages
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Volume 1 - 711 pages
Volume 2 - 777 pages


"it took a while to read but once it got going it were very hard to put down . i dont do spoilers so wont be writing too much except i loved it .go out get yourself a copy roll on volume 2" - Christopher from Goodreads (Volume 1)

"What a really cool way to write a book. I personally love it when authours use real history to write books like this. Must read." - BeaconofBooks from Goodreads

"Wow!" - Anonymous

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