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The Conquest of Qongqor Caine

a novella


18,500 words


Insurrectionist. That’s what they would call her – and the punishment for it was the most obscene she could even think of. It terrified her to her core, but that’s what she was: an insurrectionist. She waged war against the state in secret, she assassinated state officials.

With a prince in the other room, she’ll go after her most ambitious target yet: Dzuku, divisional tax overseer for Waikato, New Zealand. This will be the first time she’s left the mainland, the first time she’s done the deed surrounded by imperial security. And she’ll do it without her sword or her bow, dressed to the nines in stilettos and a backless dress.


Dzuku deserves to die; of that, she is certain. As to whether she’s the one that should be endowed with such a power – the grand arbiter – this is the question, above all others, that will eat at her....​

Listen to the novella
1 hour, 40 mins


Read by Andrew C. Bunton

Music by Michael Hebbes

This novella is collected in the anthology The Moon Panther
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