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Rain's Agenda

A Novel


70,000 words


The Third World has collapsed, and is dominated by gangsters and pirates. A twenty-year-old tabloid princess, nude sunbathing pictures all over the net and who once ordered a sex bot to her hotel room on a royal embassy, is all that prevents a nuclear war with Russia. In South America, terrorists are torching the Amazon, and decades-old tension between the Americans and the French prevent cooperation to hunt them down. And the Chinese are on top of the world.


Enter John Galveston, a suave, debonair, and vulgar grey marketeer. In a cashless society, he exclusively uses paper yuan, and bounces around the world selling anything and everything. He’ll come face to face with these fanatical terrorists, and in the process, find himself in an anarchic black hole – two thirds of South America is rumoured to be either an anarchist wasteland, or paradise. Yet that is only one mystery surrounding the enigmatic nation of Andea....

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2,100 words
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16 minutes

This excerpt comes from Part 1. John Galveston visits a friend in Guiana after chauffeuring around a journalist, named Lucie. He chats up a skankbot ("skot"), and news breaks on the TV.

Music: "Indie Rock Guitar - Psychedelic - Can Be Used For Boombap" by KiestyleProductions via
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" I really enjoyed it 😊 you did a great job with the concept!" - Anonymous from Twitter

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