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Travel Writing

I have travelled to various places around the world. When I went to Las Vegas in 2013, I drove out into the desert to observe the natural sky with no light pollution, and began recording the details the very next day. Since then, I've written travelogues wherever I go. Enjoy.

Suzie Wong's Magic Vadge:

Buckets of Alcohol, Ladyboys,

and a Ping Pong Show

February, 2019


The Snake's Nest: A Tale of Travel Insurance,

the Maya, and the End of the World

April, 2017

The Harem and the Barbarian:

A Travelogue of Beijing

October, 2016

Sleeping on Scissors?: Beads, Breasts, Bush

and Language Barriers at Beijing's Panjiayuan Market

October 2016

Britain's Opium Den: Hong Kong’s Temples,

Lasers, Daoist Riddles, and Giant Spiders

October 2016

Asia's Sin City: The Gambling

Destination of Macao

October 2016

Los Bandoleros: The True Story of

My Night in a Cuban Jailhouse with

Two Hookers and the Minister of the Interior

December 2014

The Nevada Sky: The True Story

of the Most Majestic Scene in Nature

(That Doesn't Contain Nipples)

September 2013

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