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One Night in Ikh Khulan

a novella


40,000 words


"One Night in Ikh Khulan" takes readers on a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic Mongol global empire. In this enthralling tale, we follow the ambitious small-town governor, Dzondzuukii, as he rises through the ranks of power. However, his ascent comes at a price as he finds himself caught in a web of deceit and manipulation.

As Dzondzuukii travels to the capital city of Ikh Khulan, a vibrant metropolis brimming with casinos and entertainment districts, he is thrust into a world far different from his humble origins. In order to secure his newfound position, Dzondzuukii must undergo scrutiny from the various ministries that govern the empire.


Amidst this high-stakes atmosphere, Dzondzuukii encounters the captivating Empress-concubine Viola. With her striking beauty and irresistible charm, Viola ensnares Dzondzuukii in her intricate game of power and seduction. As their paths intertwine, Dzondzuukii becomes increasingly aware of Viola's conniving nature, yet finds himself unable to resist her allure.


As the night unfolds, secrets and agendas come to light, leading Dzondzuukii down a treacherous path. In a world where loyalty is a luxury and survival is paramount, Dzondzuukii must navigate the dangerous labyrinth of political intrigue while battling his own desires and ambitions.


"One Night in Ikh Khulan" is a riveting tale of ambition, betrayal, and forbidden

love set against the backdrop of a decaying empire. Will Dzondzuukii succumb to the manipulations of Empress-concubine Viola, or will he find the strength to resist her charms and uncover the truth hidden beneath the glittering façade of Ikh Khulan?

Listen to an excerpt
8 minutes


In this excerpt, Dzöndzüükii is attacked by 3 assassins in a market square.​

Read by Andrew C. Bunton

Music by Michael Hebbes

Purchase the novella
4.5 hours
In paperback and ebook, this novella is collected in the anthology The Moon Panther
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