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MP3. Unabridged audiobook: 11.5 hours


This is the Special Edition of The Zimmer Insurgency. This edition contains the full novel, as well as:

-The Unofficial Epilogue (non-canonical, written 2023)

-10-year Reflection (I reflect on how the book has aged)

-Preview of Rain's Agenda

-Ebook (EPUB and PDF)



Five generations after the Panamerican Revolution and the West is a very different place: Washington lies in ruin, Atlanta is under martial law, and Saskatchewan is used as an execution yard for political dissidents. Florida, Manhattan and half of California are under water. Everything south of Bolivia is hounded by cloned dire wolves as big as bears. Psychedelic breastmilk is the drug pandemic of the day. Cash currency has been abolished and drugs, fake names and sex toys are bought underground with heirloom jewelry. In the Falklands, pirates are training penguins to sit on their shoulder and parrot back punchlines. And in Haiti, an escaped enemy of the state plots an overthrow....


It's April of 2165, and the Republic of Panamerica is about to secure their interstellar Manifest Destiny. Five moons some twenty lightyears away have been discovered, with just the right conditions to support human life. Yet as Panamerica goes through the final preparations to launch, Kayla Zimmer, a former inmate in a secret prison camp, has an agenda of her own.


El Presidente and his continental banana republic would have this day go down in history, and it's about the one thing Zimmer agrees with him on. This is their proudest moment, and the time for her revenge....


AUDIOBOOK - The Zimmer Insurgency

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