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Green Dragon
A Novella
coming soon

February, 1945: the Allies begin naval bombardment of Japanese-held Ramree Island, Burma. The resulting chaos forces an entire regiment of Japanese soldiers to flee through a morass of mangrove swamps in the dead of night. Their intrusion awakens a myriad of twenty-foot-long saltwater crocodiles, who go into a frenzy with all the newfound food in their habitat. The result is the worst ever animal attack against man...

Kempeitai investigator Itō Kanezuka needs to find Burmese rabble-rouser and bandit U Zaw. His search will lead him from the ancient imperial city of Mandalay to the northern frontiers on the Thai-China border, where he’ll see the POW camps attached to the Death Railway project, arrest a crossdressing rebel girl caught smuggling laser carbines, uncover a dark truth about the Imperial intelligence apparatus, and ultimately, it will take him to the wretched swamps of Ramree Island.

Enter a dazzling steampunk world, an alternate history just slightly askew from our own. Riding a six-legged horse through the upland jungles of occupied Burma, Kanezuka’s mission will take him through a world of dangerous rhinoceros and vicious clouded leopards, Thai bandits and gun-runners, and subversives and communists conspiring with the wavering Burmese loyalists.

Green Dragon is an electrifying steampunk adventure that will transport readers to an alternate history full of danger, espionage, and relentless suspense. With a richly imagined setting and a multitude of shifting alliances, this is a tale of bravery, sacrifice, and survival that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

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