Rain's Agenda

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Amazon forest fires, terrorism, and liberation from pregnancy

The Third World has collapsed, and is dominated by gangsters and pirates. A twenty-year-old tabloid princess, nude sunbathing pictures all over the net and who once ordered a sex bot to her hotel room on a royal embassy, is all that prevents a nuclear war with Russia. In South America, terrorists are torching the Amazon, and decades-old tension between the Americans and the French prevent cooperation to hunt them down. And the Chinese are on top of the world.


Enter John Galveston, a suave, debonair, and vulgar grey marketeer. In a cashless society, he exclusively uses paper yuan, and bounces around the world selling anything and everything. He’ll come face to face with these fanatical terrorists, and in the process, find himself in an anarchic black hole – two thirds of South America is rumoured to be either an anarchist wasteland, or paradise. Yet that is only one mystery surrounding the enigmatic nation of Andea....

Rain's Agenda was first written 10 years ago, and has sat in a tucked-away sub-folder on my computer ever since. In 2019, I reworked some of the prose, leaving most of the story intact. It's a riveting tale of anarchists, nuclear war, and the artificial uterus liberating women from pregnancy. Available now.

© 2013-2020 by Jason Shannon


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