What is the Mongolian Book of the Sky? For the past 5 years, I've been building this series. Unconnected to my first novel, it revolves around the Mongol conqueror Harujin - based in part after Genghis Khan. He arose in the not-too-distant future and, following economic collapse and a global energy crisis, struck out against the modern world. At its height, the Mongol Empire (1206-1294) stretched from Poland to Korea, Syria to Vietnam, including all of China, most of Russia and the Middle East, parts of Eastern Europe, and had made invasion attempts in Japan, Java, Burma and Palestine. Harujin's empire, by contrast, stretches from Greenland to Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego to Kamchatka; the entire world now belongs to his heirs.

He believed himself to be the very personification of destiny. As the old world crumbled with energy crises and economic collapse, and developing nations like Mongolia were the first to suffer, he consolidated his power in the deep Mongolian steppe. The very epoch would come to bear his name….

-In 2030, he annihilated Moscow.

-In 2037, he unleashed nuclear flames on London, Paris and The Hague because the President of the Council of Europe refused to surrender in person.

-In 2041, he demolished Beijing such that no two bricks remained mortared together. The rubble was scattered to the four corners of the Earth, and thousands of wolves imported from Siberia to tread upon the ground such that the city vanished from history forever.

-In 2045, he disemboweled the American president on history’s last television broadcast.

-In 2047, he sewed the President of the South American Union into a bloody llama skin and threw him into piranha infested waters.

-In 2049, he stripped naked the Secretary General of the United Nations, buried her up to the neck, slathered her in honey and let reign the fire ants.

THE HOUNDS OF HARUJIN is the first novel in this series, anticipated to release in 2017. THE MOON PANTHER, a collection of prequel novellas, was released in 2019. For more information, or for links to purchase, check out the series website: