The Ballad of Tumelun Tombs


--Coming 2023-

Murders only ever happen on Saturdays. Or, at least so is the experience of Detective Lars Vallens, called in on his day off when the body of a young woman is found. But showing up at the scene, he wades into a political nightmare – the young woman’s body rests atop the border between his prefecture and the Ballantine Enclave, a semi-autonomous city-state under the control of a former warlord and gang leader.


Now he’s teamed up with a so-called special inspector from the Enclave, a petite, analytical Chinese woman who’s probably never mounted a horse before, much less fired a bow. The victim had munitions residue under her fingernails, her husband is protected from saying a word behind a diplomatic curtain, her ex-boyfriend has been exiled, and she was a member of an anarchist commune out in the woods. Everything Lars and his new partner do is being scrutinized by two governments.


Enter into the mix a racist essayist whose writings have routinely landed him in front of a judge on sedition charges, an illicit smuggling network, an underground gambling den, and a conspiracy to overthrow the princess out in the desert, and this has the potential to be the biggest powder keg since the end of the war.


As pressure begins mounting, it quickly becomes clear that this is much more than the murder of Mackenzie Foster, and a much bigger scheme is afoot...


Rain's Agenda


The Third World has collapsed, and is dominated by gangsters and pirates. A twenty-year-old tabloid princess, nude sunbathing pictures all over the net and who once ordered a sex bot to her hotel room on a royal embassy, is all that prevents a nuclear war with Russia. In South America, terrorists are torching the Amazon, and decades-old tension between the Americans and the French prevent cooperation to hunt them down. And the Chinese are on top of the world.


Enter John Galveston, a suave, debonair, and vulgar grey marketeer. In a cashless society, he exclusively uses paper yuan, and bounces around the world selling anything and everything. He’ll come face to face with these fanatical terrorists, and in the process, find himself in an anarchic black hole – two thirds of South America is rumoured to be either an anarchist wasteland, or paradise. Yet that is only one mystery surrounding the enigmatic nation of Andea....

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The Moon Panther:
And 3 Other Stories of the Mongolian Book of the Sky

In a dystopian, post-technological Australia, Mongol horsemen and warlords form the upper crust of a conquest society. Harujin, the great conqueror styling himself a new Genghis Khan, has wrapped his talons around the entire globe. The conquest is finished, and now it’s a new beast entirely – bureaucracy.

From the desert wastelands of Western Australia to a lavish royal gala in Auckland, to the almost garish casinos and palaces of the imperial capital, The Moon Panther builds upon the incredibly rich world first established in The Hounds of Harujin. Presenting four novellas set in Jason Shannon’s The Mongolian Book of the Sky – a femme fatale assassin goes unarmed into a royal function under the watchful eyes of a hundred bodyguards; a conniving concubine digs her claws into the imperial government, cajoling and manipulating to make herself empress in all but name; desert bandits operate their own warlord state of drug running, human trafficking, and murder deep in the badlands....

This collection features the stories One Night in Ikh Khulan, The Conquest of Qongqor Caine, The Pirate's Lass and The Moon Panther

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The Hounds of Harujin

First, there was Attila, who savaged Rome and committed genocide from Asia Minor to Gaul. He was a Mongol, who wandered in from the east, and took up the sword for gold, girls and glory. Then came Genghis, the founder of the nation, who surged outwards from the steppe and wreaked annihilation across two continents. He was a Mongol, who made graveyards of China and the Middle East and left his seed in half the women of Eurasia. Then came Tamerlane, who swirled out of Samarkand like a whirlwind, leaving towers of human skulls and a tidal wave of blood enough to drown an army – and their horses. He was a Mongol, that butchered from India to the shores of Europe, and terrified the Middle East for a half millennium with his curse....


Then came Harujin, who, on the crest of an energy crisis and economic collapse, raised his scimitar like a standard, and charged his horses outwards from Mongolia to usher in the new world epoch....


In Australia, the khan’s nephew is assassinated by roadside phantoms. But the khan is more concerned with the chests of his concubines than with Australian dissidence or family outrage. The Mad Queen of Queensland is livid at the death of her son, tensions are mounting between the metropolitan heir apparent and the older, war hardened brother. In the desert, the khan’s reclusive daughter cultivates a reputation for murdering her husbands. A young woman is offered for the khan’s growing harem, but finds herself the tool of something much bigger. And as the feuding family tensions come to a head, the khan is forced to reach out to his estranged son, and bring him back from a Buddhist monastery to solve a murder....

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The Zimmer Insurgency
ISBN: 978-1-300-79001-3

Five generations after the Panamerican Revolution and the West is a very different place: Washington lies in ruin, Atlanta is under martial law, and Saskatchewan is used as an execution yard for political dissidents. Florida, Manhattan and half of California are under water. Everything south of Bolivia is hounded by cloned dire wolves as big as bears. Psychedelic breastmilk is the drug pandemic of the day. Cash currency has been abolished and drugs, fake names and sex toys are bought underground with heirloom jewelry. In the Falklands, pirates are training penguins to sit on their shoulder and parrot back punchlines. And in Haiti, an escaped enemy of the state plots an overthrow....

It's April of 2165, and the Republic of Panamerica is about to secure their interstellar Manifest Destiny. Five moons some twenty lightyears away have been discovered, with just the right conditions to support human life. Yet as Panamerica goes through the final preparations to launch, Kayla Zimmer, a former inmate in a secret prison camp, has an agenda of her own.

El Presidente and his continental banana republic would have this day go down in history, and it's about the one thing Zimmer agrees with him on. This is their proudest moment, and the time for her revenge....

This edition features an exclusive first look at Jason Shannon's second novel, THE HOUNDS OF HARUJIN. The first two chapters - an additional 25 pages - are included herein, the first time they've ever appeared in print.