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One Night in Ikh Khulan


The opium fields of northern New South Wales are the most prosperous on the continent, so even though he’s governor of a town of less than 3,000, he has a powerful background, and is the natural frontrunner in the race to become the new prefectural oversight chair. His name is Dzöndzüükii, bastard son of the late prince and prefect for whom the territory is named: Bolad, one of the most notorious womanizers in the khanate’s history. He barely knew his father, and the fact that his uncle is the khan of Australia will mean nothing when it comes to climbing the ranks.


He’s had to earn everything for himself. He has a handful of loyal riders, his darling wife, and only a single concubine. His record is impeccable; he doesn’t deal in corruption or bribery with the opium families, and has cracked down on banditry. But before the prefect can hand him the job, he has to be vetted by the powers that be in the imperial capital. They’re tigers in Ikh Khulan, each minister, prince and Council member vying for their own slightly larger piece of the pie – and he’ll be caught in the middle of it, a pawn in the games of the imperial stable master and the most venerated, beautiful, delicious empress-concubine.


Assassins, warrior women, bandits and imperial courtesans collide in this standalone novella of The Mongolian Book of the Sky.

In this excerpt, Dzöndzüükii is attacked by 3 assassins in a market square.

8 minutes

Music by Michael Hebbes